It is a big Deal, Really.

I’m not sure how long it should take to write a query letter, but I think I’m setting the record for longest time take ever. The worst part is I know what I want to say. The novel is done. I know what I want to say. The problem is every time I start to write it down, it sounds trite and cliched.

I don’t want to be melodramatic here, but this is my life we’re talking about. My life tucked away in 250 words or less. It needs to sound good. It not only needs to sound good, but it needs to be fantastic.

Maybe I’m panicking. Breathe. Right, I know it will be amazing once I get it together. Tonight should just be about getting the initial ideas down onto paper. I can tweak and edit tomorrow before I go work at the day job.

I just need to get something down on paper first. Hm… Maybe I should actually write it on paper. That might be a good plan. Now to find my “idea book” and get some words down.


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