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I Really Could use some Coffee Right Now.

Posted in Nerd things, writing on June 30, 2011 by generatedanomaly

It’s Thursday here in the crazy place known as my head. It might be Thursday everywhere else too. I can’t be sure of that. Haven’t had any coffee yet. There was some promised to me. Good coffee. But, since I’m here at my computer and it’s not next to me, that hasn’t happened yet.

So, Thursday… It’s always been a weird sort of day for me. Not the middle of the week anymore. Tomorrow’s Friday. It’s just a day without much meaning. I use it to get things done because getting them done is better than not.

Speaking of, over 3000 words down on the new novel yesterday. How’s that for being awesome? I’m going to take it. Okay.

The short story I’m working on… I think I might be close now. I know I keep saying that, but my main character is locked in an office with this psychotic restaurant manager right now. She thinks he might be the murderer, or at the very least some other criminal. I know whether he is or not, but I’m not telling. No spoilers here.

Whenever I say that word I think of River Song and her little blue book of The Doctor’s life. “Spoilers Sweetie.” I know, random. That’s my mind though. It make such random connections at random times. You would think I’d be better at coming up with examples for things in the classroom, but no. My brain does however take those things and turn them into stories. It works out nicely most the time.

Still no coffee…  I might have to mount an expedition to the nether reaches of the house in search of the person who promised it to me. He might need to be woken up and prodded a few times. This might be interesting.

If I don’t come back, it was nice knowing everyone.


Wait. That’s not how You get Your Ideas?

Posted in Nerd things, writing on June 29, 2011 by generatedanomaly

Sometimes, when I’m still waking up, I have pretend conversations with famous people about how much they like my as of yet unpublished books. It’s one of those things my subconscious does to make me feel better about life. I guess. Usually it makes me feel like I’ve not accomplished what I set out to do. Turns out my subconscious is an asshole. 

But this morning the pretend conversation with a celebrity that will remain unnamed to protect any semblance of privacy my subconscious has left actually yielded something awesome. 

Everyone knows I’ve been lamenting the novel I queried. It’s no secret. Or it shouldn’t be. If it is I’m not being blatant enough in my disgust for myself. This morning, I found the character’s voice.

It happened by accident. Starting the second novel with her, that didn’t. That was my intention. For the love of all that is sacred, when the imaginary version of someone you think is amazing tells you that they loved a character you haven’t created yet, you get right to the bit where you create that character. At least I did. 

So, character created. He’s smooth. He makes you want him. I want him. My protagonist wants him, though she’s trying very hard to resist. She wants to know what he is first. The whole lover fucking her over by fucking a demon thing is still a little fresh in her mind. The nerves are raw. The heart still bleeds. There will be no more of that. Well… maybe. We’ll see. I won’t rule out mind control as an eventual possibility.  Because it is always a possibility.

Just like a strange man showing up in a blue box is a possibility. Is it likely? No. Does that mean I won’t spend a bit of time procrastinating while thinking about the possibility? No. 

All right. Enough of that. I have spent the majority of the day putting words down on the beginning of the new novel. Working title Lost in the Woods. It fits for so many reasons. The best part? Now that I know her voice, I can go back and fix the first one. I have a jumping off point. Sure, it took me an extra few thousand words to get it right, but now, now there’s no problem with it. Other than the needing to fix it up. 

I’m more than willing to do the work though. It will get me where I want to be. And maybe that imaginary conversation I had, maybe that will become real. 

A girl can hope. 

Spider Plant, I like you more than this Story Right Now.

Posted in Life as it happens, Office, writing on June 28, 2011 by generatedanomaly

Tuesday happened at some point when I wasn’t paying attention. Strangely, it’s also known as the day I finally decided to do the laundry. At least it is this week. I finally decided to do the laundry.

I also did some organizing of random things in my office and moved my spider plant in from the dining room. It’s starting to make little baby plants of its own. This is amazing to me since in December it was an almost dead baby spider plant itself. It soldiered on though, and with some love, it’s now a parent plant.

This is when I realize that strange things excite me. It’s a plant. Granted, a very large plant that was once attached to my Great Grandmother’s plant that no one took care of for a month after she died. Go family! But, should I really be this excited about the small plants hanging off it.

Anyway… this short story I’m working on, it doesn’t want to die. It wants to keep living. Just when I think I might be close to finishing, it says “Nope! Time for another thing you weren’t expecting!” I think it might use more than one exclamation point. It seems like that kind of story. The twitchy kind that likes exclamation points but doesn’t have many of its own.

It’s okay. Keep being twitchy story. I’ll win. Besides, I think I have you figured out. Now I just need to get there. Which is going to be the interesting part. My attention span is shit today. Utter shit. And somehow I still have 1000 new words. I’m just going to go with it. That’s the only plan I have right now. Well, not the only one, but the others don’t involve writing. More like sinking into a vat of aloe gel and not moving for hours. It’s only a little counter productive.

The Red, Burning Pain is only a Small Distraction.

Posted in Life as it happens, writing on June 27, 2011 by generatedanomaly

I have fair skin. Blame it on my ancestors from the British Isles. I do. I also have a history of bad sunburns, sun poisoning and heat stroke. So, you would think I would learn to stay inside, or at least put on sun block.

Short answer. No. Long answer. No I haven’t. My face hurts a little right now and is rather warm. My arms are red. I have a small section on my neck that matches the shirt I changed into (also red) and I’m not sure, but I think the back of my neck might be too. Save the jokes. I’ve heard them.

Now, there’s a reason why I was out in the sun for five hours, and it wasn’t because I thought it was a really good idea. I was working a picnic for the day job. A picnic for geniuses from around the world who are at the college for some sort of competition. The same geniuses are worse than people of normal intelligence about picking up after themselves. They aren’t that special. I could do what they do. I decided to be a writer instead of a research scientist.

So, yeah, outside is fun. Not really, but I spent most of my summers there, in the sun, covered in sweat and hay chaff. It’s a wonder I don’t have more wrinkles and tougher skin.

Anyway, enough whining. Time to get down to what the people care about. Now, if I only knew what that was…

I guess the rest of tonight will be spent tossing words onto a page and hoping they stick. I’ve got a beta reader who actually has feedback for me when he gets a chance to get online again. I might be able to pick up another. That would be awesome, because my plan right now is edit shit out of novel mid-July then rewrite the synopsis, query letters and toss it to the wolves again. This time better than before. With more thought and wonder and… whatever else goes into a novel about a girl riddled with guilt and prone to sarcasm.

I’m hoping that this short story will resolve itself soon. Right now, I have the main character actually detecting, as opposed to standing around looking pretty and feeling sorry for herself. That should make some headway. Or, at least get some Chinese food eaten. Which sounds really good right now.

Right. Food, the writing. The whole while, hydrating. Because I hate sunburns. I’d write about that, but somehow  I think it might lead to an incredibly boring story.

Business Cards, Memories and a Story

Posted in writing on June 26, 2011 by generatedanomaly

I now have business cards. They are styling. On one side, typewriters. It’s oh so retro and amazing. I have an electronic typewriter somewhere, I think at Mom’s. It’s not the same. It whirs a bit, but does make the click noise when you push the buttons. I drove my parents, brother and, after I left for college, my suite mates nuts with the thing. But it made me feel like a real writer. Hunched over the large beast of a machine, pounding out words.

I grew out of that. Or, realized that the means of getting the words down didn’t matter. What mattered was the words. Plus, it is pretty loud. I’m going to have to track it down and see if it still works. Maybe get a replacement wheel for the letters since the capital A broke off and I was left with two vertical lines at the beginning of my sentences. Thinking about it now, I miss that typewriter.

The other side, the business side if you will, has my contact information on it. It’s a standard little business card. Nothing special. Other than the typewriters. Thinking about it now,  I should have put “writer” on them. Maybe the typewriter will give that away. Maybe. I could be wrong.

I’m still excited about them.

I’m also excited about being near the end of another short story. Though, this one is a bit longer than the last one I write. It’s not a novel. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It is a good story though. At least, I think so.

No. That’s not true. I think it’s crap. It’s a zero draft. It needs work. I like the main character though. She has issues and baggage and all the things a good main character has, because everyone has them. I like her partner because he has something he’s trying to prove. I like the medical examiner because he’s a convoluted ball of messed up emotion. It’s a great set up. Now, I just need to fix the places that suck. Which would be all the bits I wrote without caffeine in my system. So, 6,000 words worth of stuff. Not that much in the long run. I need to finish it before I can go back though. So, off to finish it without the pounding click of a typewriter. I’ll settle for the gentle clicking of my keyboard instead.

I Feel like I Missed Something Important…

Posted in Life as it happens, Video games, writing on June 25, 2011 by generatedanomaly

Yesterday was fun. My first day with coffee in a week. I tore up the word count, made scenery my bitch and made progress where the day before felt stagnate. Then I played Arkham Asylum for seven hours.

It wasn’t my intention to play for seven hours. It just sort of happened. I went on a search for all the little hidden Riddler trophies and the upgrades. I was proud of myself for getting to most of them in a couple of buildings and for getting my gamer score over 2000.

I know, that’s not exactly a high number. But the only game I’ve played all the way through is Boarderlands. I even got some of the DLC finished. I’ll probably end up finishing Batman next week since my big time sinks into it are Thursday and Friday when my boyfriend is out of the house doing other nerd things.

So, it should be no surprise to anyone that I missed the announcement that New York approved the gay marriage bill. I have lived in this state my whole life. I have an Uncle who lives with his life partner (and has for as long as I can remember) so I have to say it’s about time. It always bothered me that if something happened to one of them the other wouldn’t  be allowed in the hospital room or allowed to make decisions. It’s like permanently being in the dating zone despite making the lifelong commitment to each other.

I’m glad our state finally did something right. Now, if you can just start spending money on education again, that’d be super. Not to lessen this moment at all. This is a grand moment and 28 days from now there will be even grander moments.

And for all you haters out there, first it’s called equality. You demand it for yourself. Let other people have it. Second, and no where near as important, this is a revenue stream. Think of all the marriage licenses, parties and other things attached to a wedding. All the things married couples buy, and then if you can’t get it through your head to allow someone the happiness you take for granted, at least look at it as a way to boost the economy.

Reassessment of Readiness

Posted in writing on June 24, 2011 by generatedanomaly

I’ve been avoiding this post. It’s the reassessment post. I’m two weeks out on my queries now, and as of yet, no positive responses. The rejections have been nice, reminding me that they pick up a slim number of writers to begin with and wishing me luck. But, no one’s biting.

So, now I have to ask myself a couple of questions. Was it a mediocre query letter that got me shot down? That’s the easier fix. I can redo the query letter in half an hour, well, maybe longer. It took me forever to write the first one. Maybe my comparisons were bad. Maybe the first paragraph needs work. I’m sure I need to sell myself in there a little bit. All right, I’ll rework the query. But I have more questions.

Was is a crappy synopsis? I really should look at that again to see if I can tweak it anymore. There might be a few things I can leave out, or reword. It is not that easy to condense 70,000 words into 150. It’ll be worse to do with a longer novel.

Is my novel not long enough? I know the low end of urban fantasy is supposed to be 80,000, but it can’t hurt for the freshman performance to be a little shorter. Might make it more likely for people to read. Or something.

This is the big question: Was the novel not ready to be queried? Do I have more work to do on it? This is different than asking if I’m happy with it. I’ll always find something I’m not happy with. Something I want to change, but there’s a difference between me not being happy with it and it being the best damn thing I can put out there. You know what, maybe I was too content with it being done and the run through I gave it. Sure, there was plenty of editing, but did I find the characters sarcastic little voice? Probably not.

I think I just answered my own question. So, I’m going to let it sit until the middle of next month when most of the agents (all but two) said they would get back to me or pass and then rip out the novel’s heart and figure out just who Megan Abberline is. Then, rewrite my query, my synopsis and requery.

If I get a response before then that’s positive, all the better. Then I’ll know I’m just being paranoid. I do have those tendencies. In the meantime, I might as well finish and try to sell some short stories. It’d be nice to get my name out there.