It’s Never Perfect the First Time

I started my next novel the other day. Just a little beast, more of an experiment than anything series. Unless it turns out to be awesome, then who knows what will happen with it. Though, if this beginning is any indication, it won’t be that amazing.

I was thinking about it in the shower. The shower is an amazing place where so many jumbled things get sorted. It’s something about the combination of warmth and water and good smells replacing the bad that just makes it an incubator for brilliance. That’s what I need right now, some brilliance, because the beginning of this piece is full of horrible things.

The character doesn’t strike me as the sort of person prepared to handle the situation, and by situation, I mean zombies. Or, some variation thereof.

I’m only a thousand words in. You may be wondering how I can tell. It’s like how you can tell if you’re going to like someone during the first conversation. The first 1000 words tell a lot about who the character is, especially if most of them are internal comments made by the character.

What I’ve learned so far: 1. She hates her job. Most people do, but it’s the nature of her job that prevents her from being prepared to handle something as life changing as a zombie outbreak. 2. Not only does she hate her job, she’s not very good at it. I suppose maybe zombies are as good a reason as any to step up, but I really see her getting eaten rather quickly. Because, 3. She doesn’t have any redeemable survival skills. She doesn’t know how to use a gun. She’s rather oblivious to the world, and, oh yeah, she couldn’t find food outside of a clearly marked grocery store.

It’ll be a short story before she gets eaten. Now, I know what you’re thinking, that sounds a lot like most people I know. Yep. Most people you know wouldn’t last long in a zombie outbreak. The ones who think they’ll survive are most likely to be the first ones to die. Something about thinking you have everything under control in a panicked situation.

So, I need to rework the beginning of the novel. Then move forward. She has to be a cool character, but not too cool. Someone who might actually make it through the shit storm that a real zombie outbreak would cause.

This is going to be interesting.


2 Responses to “It’s Never Perfect the First Time”

  1. I think a Zombie book would be so much fun. I hope you find what you need to keep writing it.

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