I Need a Day off Once in a While

I took yesterday as a day off. Mostly to recover from my work shift on Thursday. I felt like I got hit by a truck. A large truck. With a detached muffler.

I found muscles I forgot about. It’s not the best feeling in the world when everything decides to hurt all at once for the entire day. Not sharp dreadful pain, but the low dull ache of muscles that don’t  see a lot of use. I should see to that. Much like I should see to finishing the painting of my office.

So, yesterday, I played around on Ancestry.com for four hours. I managed to follow part of my Great-grandfather on my dad’s father’s side back to England. I’m thinking an hour today. I want to follow another trail for a while. It’s exciting for me to see just where I came from. I always had some idea, but I didn’t know that side of my family was in Connecticut before moving to the southern tier of New York. I know my Mom’s family came over in the 1900’s.

When I get done with that, I need to do some research for a secret project I’m working on with a friend. Then some more work on the current novel. I’m super excited about the novel. The thought of playing with zombies makes me happy.


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