Day Job, Go!

I worked this morning. Money will be coming in, that’s a good thing, because right now I’m down to next to nothing in the checking account. Bills are paid for this month though, so I guess that’s a plus.

I will say one thing for my day job. It’s never dull. There’s a “resort” off campus that’s more of a deck attached to an old barn and an old ski lodge. The lawn outside is pretty, until the geese cover it in shit and the pond scum builds up. Also, no air movement makes summer weddings more than a little annoying to work at. I love humidity. Or not.

Today, we get out there and unload into our staging area. The floor in the barn is white. It shouldn’t be. It’s a dark wood floor that really needs to be replaced. Someone broke into the downstairs, came up through and decided to release the fire extinguishers all over the floor.

One of the managers sends a girl out to start mopping. An hour later, two of us got through mopping. The floor still looks like shit, so it will probably need to be done again tomorrow before the wedding. It falls under the category of fantastic.

The good news, not that getting money isn’t good news, I finished the rewrite/revisions on my novel last night. Now I just need to do my research and figure out if I want to go the traditional route or try to make in on the indie circuit.

I’ve been leaning toward traditional publishing. I do have a decent twitter following. I have a collection of friends that want to read my stuff, and probably had more faith in my writing earlier in life than I did.

It’s a little nerve racking. It’s like staring down into a deep dark precipice. There’s no seeing the bottom, but you know something fantastic lies on the other side. So, you start the climb down. And there are monsters in the darkness. They want to take your money without giving anything back. They make you believe all sorts of pretty things, and steal your work. But, if you’re brave and don’t stray too far, you get through the dangers and climb out the other side to a book with your name on the cover.

That first book is going to be amazing. I’m going to have the cover framed. It’ll go next to my first rejection letter. It’s the things on the other side of the precipice that I want and I will work to get there.


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