There’s Always a Plan B

I’m one step closer to having the office I’ve imagined in my head for the past month. There was a broken, not so pretty desk in the corner where I want the bookshelf to live. We were going to get a dumpster. Turns out you need to get a permit to even be able to get a dumpster in the city of Oswego. On top of that, it’s a $400 deposit. So, no dumpster, we have a backup plan.

This morning was me taking apart the ugly desk. It’s out on the deck at the bottom of the back steps now. I feel a bit like a conquering hero. Tomorrow, I’m working a catering shift (Yay, day jobs!). It’s just a set up, so I might be done at a reasonable time. Then I have another wall to paint, and some baseboard to clean off, but that’s another story.

So, the boyfriend was playing Dead Space 2 last night. Let me just say not wanting to look at the TV is an amazing motivator to get work done. I went through 50 pages last night on my revision/rewrite. I have 38 pages left. Then the scary part: Beta readers and query letters. Next week might be exciting. Or horribly depressing. I’m not sure which yet. I’m hoping for exciting. Exciting is good.


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