At least it’s Done

The boyfriend and I spent yesterday and today moving stuff from the apartment to my office in the back of the house. We found mold colonies at the apartment. Multiple colonies. A lot of stuff was ruined and about halfway through I said “Fuck this. I don’t care that much.” So, I’m not getting my security deposit back. It’s worth it not to have to clean up another batch of mold.

The stuff that we moved over has been checked. It is mold free. I’m still wiping the furniture that was in the room down with a bleach solution. The books all seem to be okay.

I bought a new desk today. Mostly because I didn’t want to move the other one. The boyfriend thinks the furniture was compromised because of the mold. His evidence being the television stand. It collapsed on itself on his way over from the apartment. Granted, we did have it strapped to a dollie and he was walking down the street with it, but it still shouldn’t have fallen apart the way it did.

S0, new desk. The “business” end of the office is almost done. I’m waiting a couple more days before I start putting things on the walls to make sure the paint is set. But, the desk is in place. The filing cabinet, which I need to organize, found its new home. My lap is in the corner and my reference bookshelf is in place. Some books have even found their way onto it. I need to finish going through the piles to get the books sorted out. And move the rest from the living room.

Tomorrow starts my new workout, work, socialize schedule. I need a schedule if I’m going to make things happen this summer. It won’t be a set schedule. There will be flexibility, but if I want to get my massive list of things accomplished, then I need to be tough on myself.

Speaking of things that need to be done. I have laundry to finish. As much as I want it to, it won’t do itself.


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