Another late lunch today made of leftovers from last night. My boyfriend spoils me with his cooking. It’s not that I can’t cook, more that my idea of food involves pasta and granola. Not at the same time. That’d be horrible.

When I moved out of my parents’ house, I wanted to make all the elaborate things. So I did. I made chili with actual chili peppers in it. I put veggies in everything. The more complicated the better.

Of course, at this point I was living with the ex. I don’t think he always appreciated my culinary experiments. I didn’t care

Then he left. My food choices changed to what was cheap. I was living off my financial aid refund from my first semester of grad school and needed to make it last until I was together enough to hold a job and get through classes. Pasta became my staple. Fruit and veggies became sometimes things I got when I had enough money. It’s a sad way to live.

I’m living with my boyfriend now. It’s wonderful, and for more reasons that just his ability to cook. It’s nice being supported in your crazy endeavors. Such a big change from the way things were. He’s so supportive that he gave me the back room to use for an office and let me paint it. I thank him for that.

Speaking of, the office is coming along nicely. I put the second coat on the bit from yesterday and have painted 3/4 of the way across the room. Tomorrow, I’m starting baseboard, and doing the second coat on what I painted today. It’s a slow process and I’ve realized just how out of shape I am.

Next week begins the “get in shape” portion of the summer. Between that and getting the office in order, I’ll have to work extra hard to stay on top of all the things I want to do this summer. I need to start my job search too… This is a horrible time to graduate with a Master’s degree in education. The state of our country’s education system will be a different rant. One I can probably turn into a book, made a little better by some first hand experience.


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