I started painting today. The process is soothing, and it means I’ll have a happy little office soon enough. Then no more working in the living room for me. I’m sure that will make the boyfriend happy.

It looks a little something like this at the moment:

It needs another coat of paint and the trim is getting redone, but I’m really liking the color. Soon there will be a desk in there, and a floor lamp. Some chairs and bookshelves and it will be a cozy little space where I’ll spend half my day working on things.

My other big purchase was a copy of L.A. Noire. I don’t buy video games often, but this one I really wanted to play. Until I started trying to drive anyway. I even tried to get my partner to drive and the game tricked me into driving anyway. I decided I was done after I crashed the car… badly.

I’ve made detective already, in the traffic division. I’ve been enjoying the game, other than the driving bit. So, my reward for getting all my other stuff done today is to play more of that tonight.

The rest of day: revisions, get more stuff from apartment, get boyfriend fro work, begin work on project (I need a code name for said project) and then, then I can play video games. I best get a move on.


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