Mold Eradication 101

The journey of turning the random room tacked onto the house into my office began today. We drove down to Clay to get my paint (French Tarragon and Pebble Path by Behr) and supplies. The excitement is almost tangible now.

First, before I can do any painting, I had to clean. I swept the floor a couple days ago. Then, when I pulled back the curtains, I found mold. Small circular growths spread across the glass, the metal window frame and onto the window sill. After emptying an entire can of aerosol Lysol onto it (That’s right, I’m not fucking around), I decide I need bleach.

The boyfriend got bleach last night on his way back from having a boys afternoon. Problem being that he forgot it in his friend’s car. We grabbed it on our way to Clay.

Use of a strong bleach solution and a couple sponges later and the windows are clean. I’m letting the bleach dry. Later I get to clean the windows with glass cleaner and wipe down the window sill again. The caulk around the window needs to be redone. There are some gaps, like the person who did it to begin with had no clue what they were doing.

I should have a working office by the end of the week. In the mean time, I’m hanging out on the couch working on stuff. I needed to not breath in bleach fumes for a while.


One Response to “Mold Eradication 101”

  1. hopefully that will handle it! in the seneca st house we had a super mold prob in the bathroom. we washed it multiple times with bleach but it didn’t stay away. we ended up getting a can of paint and dumping anti mold paint additive into it. after that until the day we left two years later it stayed gone. 🙂

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