Back to Life and Work

Yesterday was great. Spent time with the boyfriend and his sister. Relaxed. Played DCU Online, which, by the way was amazing. I needed to run about with a computer generated character and knock some things out.

Today, it’s back to work. Revisions need to happen. Then I’m starting a new project which shouldn’t take me too long. It’s a comic script. One related to the project I’m working on with the boyfriend. Or, one of the projects I’m working on with him.

I need to start clearing post-it notes from my computer, and summer is the best time to do it. I have a couple weeks before the pressures of finding a job and money kick in again. I think I’ll just enjoy it for now, and seek out the little pieces of something that make me happy.

I’m excited and nervous, not knowing. The key is not to give up, to keep moving forward. Because, someday, something huge will come from all this work. If I keep telling myself that I’ll make it as a writer, I’ll eventually start to believe it.


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