Graduation Day

I spent this morning at the graduation ceremony for SUNY Oswego. The speakers got to the point, making the ceremony much shorter than I anticipated. So, good ceremony.

The reason for going is my boyfriend getting his BFA in Graphic Design. I am proud of him. His journey to get his degree was long. That may be an understatement. Lots of history that I’m just getting some of the information on.

We’ve been together for ten months. An amazing ten months. I’m hoping for those months to turn into years, many years. As aggravating as he can be, I love him dearly and can’t see spending the rest of my life with anyone else.

In the last ten months I’ve found happiness. My creativity reached new levels. Ideas keep coming. We have a couple projects we’re working on together. And… there’s no pressure for me to be anyone but who I am. That’s the most important part of the relationship.

I’m proud of him, and what he’s going to accomplish in the future.


One Response to “Graduation Day”

  1. and i’ll end up the amusing third wheel that joins in and drives either of your mad at any given moment! Rachel we need to hang when you have no pending responsibilities hanging over your head… like grading. then randy can cower in fear of our true power.

    And leave randy and I alone for a few hours and you’ll have a mess to clean up… hmm. this could be bad lol! But it worked on paper!!!

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