Quiet Friday Morning

I migrated to my office. None of my furniture is here yet. Everything in here is stacked on one side. The walls need a new coat of paint. I need to clean the mildew off the windows and the window sills. But, it’s mine.  The space makes me happy.

Morning congestion dissipates. I begin to feel more human. It’s at some magical point that I decide maybe I can get all that work done today. I can take on those revisions and start that new project.

My partner for one of the bigger projects is going to start work on his part next week while in Nevada. I’m a little jealous about the Nevada part. Ecstatic that work is going to happen on the project. This of course means that I need to pull my head out of my ass and get something done myself. Hence to migration to the office. Even in its infancy, it still provides a tranquil place.

It does however mean that I get to look out at the backyard. The whole thing is in desperate need of love. Weeds need to be replaced with shade-loving grass. There’s a whole stand of maple trees attempting to start itself along the back fence. They need to be thinned or none of them will survive.

So many things to do around the house. The first step is getting the office in shape. If these projects are going to make me money, I need a good space to work in. I’ve never had a place solely dedicated to work. It’s always been me working at a random table or while sitting on my bed. It’ll be nice to actually use a desk (probably better for my wrists too) and to have that dichotomy between work space and the rest of the space.

Next week. I’m going after paint on Monday. I want to paint a couple of the walls before moving the big pieces of furniture over. Then I can just put them in place. I like this plan.

For now, I’m off to find the mildew and mold cleaner. Then to figure out where it’s coming from. I might need some caulk too.


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