I Dream about the End of the World

I do. I dream about the end of the world. Not in a pragmatic, post-apocalyptic kind of way, but in a literal my dreams involve world-ending monsters and massive amounts of destruction kind of way.

I would like to say it was from eating the jalapeño and sausage pizza before bed. I would really like that to be the cause. But, this dream happened right before I woke up. I’m pretty sure that any effects of strange food have worn off before that.

I could be wrong. It might have been the jalapeños.

The question becomes what to do with the dream. Do I just let it fade into the recesses of my mind? Would it be enough to make a whole story out of?

I’m liking the giant monster. I think it’d be a good edition to a future story. I’ll add a note about it to my desktop.

Speaking of, my desktop is covered in ideas for stories. I’m up to seven. Well, seven that have made the desktop. This next one makes eight. Three of them are for the same character. I smell an ongoing series. I might even like the character enough to keep a long-running series going. I always figured that was part of the equation. Or maybe it’s hating them enough to keep piling shit on them.

I’m off now. Not to torment a character, but instead to finish up the last of my work for my Master’s. It shouldn’t take too long, I hope. But, one can never be certain about such things.


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