I love the way a novel starts to come together during the revision stage. It’s the details falling into place. It’s knowing that the character’s voice is true to who they are. They’re almost more fun for me than the actual writing of the novel.

That sounds like insanity. Why would anyone like ripping apart their baby?

For me, the answer is, well, complicated. I spent so long being happy with first drafts and the horrible inconsistencies that lie within it. Then magic happened. Now, revisions are my friend. I pour through pages of text, making each piece better.

At some point, usually the second or third time through, I finally reach a place of being happy with the piece I’m writing. Not a profound, deep happiness, but a happiness nonetheless. I know that every word has purpose. Every interaction moves the story forward or gives some sort of information about the characters.

I’ll work through a few more chapters today. Then more tomorrow. I might even get through the rest of the novel by the end of the week. I do love the process.


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