I just want to be a Hero

I gave up my WoW addiction shortly after Cataclysm dropped. It was the same time that DCU Online was in beta, and I got in at the end of the beta testing. I was excited. Here was this new thing to play with. New, yet familiar. The story lines for the quests came from actual comic books, one of the most recent quests I ran across was from 52.

The problem I have is that while the semester is almost done and I’ll have time to play again, DCU Online is part of SOE. My boyfriend recommended I should suspend my account to prevent my information from getting stolen. Yep. Tried to do that. Sony has suspended access to all accounts to keep them safe.

I’m glad my information is safe-ish, but at this point, I’d either like access to my game, or my account to suspend the payment stuff. At the very least, I better get credit for this shit. Free time is always good.

Though, if I can’t get on the game it means I have no excuse for not getting revisions, project proposals, and other stories done. I can get my office set up. Once that’s done, then the creativity will flow and the world will be good.

But, I really do want to partake in hours of mindless violence where I can also hang out with Batman. Because I really am that cool.


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