Sunday and Doctor Who

The best part about Sunday, spending time with my boyfriend and watching Doctor Who. Yes, I know it’s on BBC America Saturday night, but we don’t get the channel. Yes, I’m sure we could find it online somewhere for free. Instead, we bought a season pass on Zune and just need to wait for it to post to the show’s page.

Doctor Who is something that my boyfriend introduced me to. We started at the beginning of the reboot. The first season, it was good, but the whole experience opened up for me when we got to season 2 and Tennant.

There’s something about the 10th Doctor that spoke to me on a primal level. The quick wit, the brooding sadness that hides just behind a cheerful demeanor, the eyes that say “I’ve seen a lot, don’t mess with me.” All of it together makes the 10th Doctor my Doctor.

Which isn’t to say that Matt Smith isn’t growing on me. He’ll just never have the same place in my heart at Tennant’s Doctor. We all have our favorite Doctor. That’s a fact of life. Whether it’s old or new, there’s been a version that spoke to us in ways no one did before, or since. That sense of adventure. How everything will be all right. We just have to believe, to trust in him and the whole of time and space is ours to see.

So, my evening will be filled with adventure. Then tomorrow, with my far less angry back, I’ll be headed back to school for the last two weeks of the semester. I still have a lot to get done, and no where near as much happened this weekend as I initially planned. There’s a backlog of work, revisions and so many other things to get done. Time to start making the most of the spaces between expectation again.


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