I Really Need to Stop Being Lazy

I’ve been slacking again. My revisions stalled about half way through the book. In my defense, it’s incredibly hard to function when you’re in massive amounts of pain.

The pain has faded. Now I need to get some serious work done. I already finished a few things. Go me. I still have a lot to do, and need to keep my back from stiffening up in the mean time. That’s proving to be trickier than anything else. This couch is not built for back support. So, having inched back to the edge, I’m going to hang out here and do some typing.

Let’s see if I can’t get through some more of this chapter on my revisions, then lesson plans. Won’t miss writing those. Though, I’ll write whatever I have to earn some money. Might as well be all over desperate if I’m going to desperate at all.


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