Mind-Numbing Pain

I hurt my back last night. We went to Dunkin to get coffee for Randy’s allnighter. When we got back into the car, I guess I sat down wrong because there was a shooting pain. I had done something about a year ago, but it wasn’t that bad then. So, thinking it was similar, I took my shower and went to bed.

When I woke up this morning, I could barely move. I made it downstairs, went to the bathroom, and made a couple phone calls. If I can’t walk, then I can’t get to school. And there was no way I would have survived teaching today. All I can hope is that it doesn’t affect my grade.

I’m pretty sure it won’t. When I called my supervisor this morning, I was almost in tears from the constant pain. Every muscle in my lower back was trying to tighten at once. Most of them were succeeding. Every step of the ten feet between the bathroom and the couch felt like someone was trying to escape from my¬†abdominal cavity by punching me right behind the kidneys.

I’ve been laying about the whole day, periodically getting up to use the toilet. My mobility has increased. The pain faded, but still there. It’s still there, but no where near as mind-numbing as it was this morning. Now, it’s a dull ache that’s just hanging out in my lower back. I can sit up straight again. That’s something, because I wouldn’t be typing this. Not bad for eight hours of listing about.

While the day didn’t go as planned, I am going to call it a win. Whenever I’m in pain I just look at it as giving me a better idea of what to describe later. While being in pain is horrible, the feeling does help to make my writing more authentic.

Now that I’m upright again, I might as well try to get some work done. I still have lots that needs to get done.


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