People make no sense

My supervisor came in today. She watched me teach a lesson. Decided to be a little crankier than last time. That’s not what got me. I can take criticism on the teaching stuff, but when she implied that I didn’t know how to write it stung a little.

The complaint was broad, directed toward the whole of her charges. People my age don’t understand how to format letters. We don’t get the nuances of the English language. While I can’t speak for my fellow student teachers, I feel that I have a decent command of the written word. There is room for improvement. There is always room for improvement. That might be the piece that the other student teachers have trouble with.

I have my list of additions and other revisions that need to be made. Those will be tonight’s project. I could call them my first formal revisions since I declared myself a writer. In fact, I think I will. My first formal revisions go with my first formal rejection.

The story I put together for a contest didn’t place. The good news, I can do something else with it. The bad news, um… I didn’t place. It happens. The important part is not to give up. I’ll find another contest to enter, another writing job to do. I’ll get my revisions done, work on the other things I need to do, and then get to work on the other things I want to do. High on that list is the revisions for my novel.


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