Sleep… Who needs that?

I didn’t exactly sleep well last night. That might be an understatement. Not sleeping well still implies sleep. What happened was more of a half awake torture that drew out over the five hours I attempted to sleep.

The things that move through my mind when I’m not sleeping are… not exactly the most pleasant things. It makes me wonder about my sanity. Though, if I had any semblance of sanity left, I wouldn’t be a writer. I’d pick something normal like, um, I’m not even sure what is normal anymore. The whole world is full of normal. I’d like to be something different than normal.

The other thing I’d like, to finish my revisions. The only reason they aren’t done yet is these silly little other things that need to be done. Notes to write for my classes. Papers to write for my supervisor. Papers to grade.

Two more weeks and then the student teaching will be done. I can focus on my projects again. Which will be awesome. I need to get some of these things out of my mind before I start hallucinating.  That would just be dangerous for everyone around me.


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