Papers Really Aren’t that Different

I have this paper I need to write for my social justice class. It’s just a little thing where I have to come up with five examples of lessens that  show and address social injustices, informing students about the possibilities of life. I think I’m making is sound more grand than it is.

The whole paper won’t be more than 800 words. I can write that in no time. I just need to sit down and actually write it.

So, why haven’t I? Why am I, instead, working on a strawberry Popsicle and watching South Park? So many reasons… Part of it is that it’s not due until tomorrow. Not that it’s a good reason. You should always get things done before they’re due, especially to allow time for revisions.

Having run out of good reasons, maybe I’ll just look at it like any other piece or writing assignment. If I think of it like I need to get it into an editor, it might get done more quickly. Here goes.


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