It’s no secret that sometimes we’re not motivated. Everyone has days when they aren’t. Half the people I know are going through a period of low motivation and I’m pretty sure it’s contagious.

The feeling of I’m going to watch this thing on tv because, well, I don’t want to do anything else. Is the thing interesting? No. Is it informative? Not really. Then why are you watching it? Because. Or, maybe it’s not tv. Maybe it’s floating about the internet reading articles about things that don’t even matter.

Oh, internet, you are such a time sink. All the energy in the world flows into the internet. Entire days disappear into its never-ending piles of information. It doesn’t even have to be good information.

Right. Motivation. Luckily the contagion hasn’t affected my writing… yet. It has however gathered up in my school work and is sitting atop the mass right now, flag planted, ready for the long haul. It says, there’s no need to get this done. You have more important things to do. I’m inclined to agree… but  would also like to have my degree soon.

So, how do you break the wall and oust the contagion, flag and all from the lush fields of your mind? That’s a good question. Well, when it comes to writing, I usually stare at the cursor for a bit, then wander off to a different project.

That doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve tried all my usual fixes too. Taking a shower, doing housework (Being productive to avoid productivity. It lessens the guilt.), working on another project… But still, there’s no motivation to get it done. There’s no sense of urgency. Hell, I’ve even tried to bribe myself with writing as a means to get it done.

That was a failure. I spent five hours grading exams and didn’t even get all of them done. I have a new definition of pain by the way. It sets in somewhere around the fourth exam and just makes you hate your life.

Maybe a list will help. Sometimes seeing what needs to be done can make it easier to get through the things that we don’t want to do. I’m going to go do that. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

If it doesn’t work, a time machine is always an option. Especially when it comes equipped with a Timelord. Just saying.


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