Blogging about blogging

Beware Milli Vanilli Syndrome.

I read this post by Kristen Lamb and couldn’t help but think maybe I’m doing something right after all. I do all my own tweets, sometimes with random results with the help of my best friend. We all have those best friends, the ones that get us off track and take us to the most interesting places where ideas go to sprout.

I’m trying my hardest with this blog. It got off to a rough start. A couple of short entries, then a short hiatus. Now I’m back at it. My goals are set. I’ll be writing in it every day, even if it’s only to update on a project. It’s still something.

Right now it’s the act of blogging that’s important. The world is a large, frightening place. I have no idea what I’m doing. I have no idea how I’m going to be paying my bills in a few short months. I do know that I have this ability to construct logical sequences of words that make a story (with plot) without a whole lot of planning. I chalk it up to having my nose either buried in a book or my pen scribbling across the page from the age of seven until um… Well, I’m still doing it.

I read everything. My Babysitters Club collection is complete until you get around number 50. I have more Fear Street books than that. I read Jurassic Park seven times, The Lost World five. Heinlein is king among my science fiction collection. I have read The Hobbit, the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Silmarillion. This meager listing doesn’t even come close to the scope of my collection or the things I’ve read. My reading habits have shifted over the years. They definitely include more blogs about writing and some things I would never consider, if only to look at what doesn’t work.

The two things I can check off my list are reading a lot and writing. I want to make a living doing this thing I’ve done my whole life, and that means I need to hone my craft. I have to start thinking like a writer who makes money from writing. So, I have a blog. One that I’m going to keep working on and making better.

My hope is that maybe it will help someone else who wants to start writing. That it will inspire someone to say “Hey, maybe I can do this.” Because, it is a scary world out there, and if nothing else, we should at least be able to do what we love and get paid for it. I’ve worked enough jobs I’ve been miserable doing. My vow is to not do anything I don’t enjoy as I go into my 30’s.


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