It’s done.

The rough for my novel is done. It’s a strange feeling of accomplishment mixed with “now what.” The short answer is work on something else. The long answer is to go back to the weak spots and play with them a bit.

My head space gets a little weird when I finish a project. I start thinking about all the things I need to touch up. At the same time, it’s done and there are so many other projects clamoring for my attention.

Multiple projects. Now that’s a huge change from two years ago. At that point I was severely depressed. My ex-husband had been gone for about five months and I had yet to move on. Anything I was turning out made me more depressed. It was like I forgot how to tell a story, as if every ounce of creativity had been sucked out of my soul.

Spring semester ended, and I embarked on a journey to find myself again. I traveled the country without leaving the comfort of my bedroom/office. Somewhere around Indiana (or July, depending on how it’s measured) I made a breakthrough and the words on the page started to flow again. I was no longer fighting with myself. Dialogue snapped. Characters had multiple dimensions. Even the minor characters wanted something. It all made sense again.

I’ve been running with it ever since. There have been comic scripts, short stories, this novel I just finished, another novel that needs to be finished, and some side projects that have more to do with game design than writing. I got up and brushed myself off. I have the support of my friends, my family and my boyfriend.

The point of all this, sometimes we go through dark spots in our lives. Sometimes the writing is hard and it doesn’t make any sense. But, if we keep at it, we can get to the other side and our craft is stronger for it.

So, rough draft finished. Now it’s time to start on the next thing. Query letters aren’t far off, but that will be an entirely different entry.


2 Responses to “It’s done.”

  1. It took me forever to read this… too much coffee today.

    Second Dora novel? Congrats! 🙂

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