Projects ahoy

It’s going to be a busy summer. Hell, it’s going to be a busy six weeks before the semester is over. Then, it’s off into the real world again. I’m only a little nervous about that.

The ongoing project of finishing my novel has found a new breath of fresh air. I think it’s winding down. Then begins the task of major edits and fixing the middle portions. Because that’s how the middle of a novel works. It’s a giant mess of random things shoved in between a strong beginning and a good end that needs to be rewritten into something resembling a good story.

Two of my summer projects involve game design. One is meant to be educational, and will most likely be a card game of sorts. I’m still working through the details in my mind. The other is going to be a table top RPG a long time in the making. Both will be projects I’m working on with other people.

The third summer project is a comic with my boyfriend. I’m writing. He’s going to make amazing art type things happen.

That’s what I have for now. I’m sure there will more projects. My creativity has been on overdrive since we got back from PAX East. Something about that many people in one place filled with creative energy and opportunity. I want a piece of it. Some small piece of the fantastic things that lay out there. I want to get paid to come up to create things.


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